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Below is a good formula you can use when studying the scriptures. This doesn’t mean it’s the only way to study, but I do believe it is a great way to strengthen your Biblical foundation and your knowledge.*

I. Before you begin studying the Word of God:

  • Purposely set aside time. Make an appointment with God, preferably in the mornings; if that doesn’t work for you, find a time that does. Just start somewhere and you’ll see the fruit that this time brings to your life! Fifteen to 30 minutes with the Word of God will work wonders! The result will be power to know more about God and to become the person God wants you to be. Then you will experience peace and joy every day of your life!
  • Make preparation for your Bible study. Have a comfortable place—a room in your house, a porch, etc. where you can be alone.
  • Have all your materials available. Ideally you should have:
  1. Bible (1 or more versions)
  2. Bible dictionary
  3. Concordance
  4. Commentary
  5. Markers, pen and paper; a computer or tablet
  • Pray/Prepare your heart. Talk to God about things you need to confess, and enter your study time peacefully, without anything that may prevent you from receiving revelation during from God Almighty.
  • Select a book of the Bible to study.

II. When you Begin to Study

  • Uncover
  1. Date/Author
  2. Place/Location
  3. Audience (to whom is the text directed?)
  4. Context of writing/Circumstances
  • Read through the Book first; then begin your “study.”
  • Relate
  1. How does it affect me?
  2. How does it make me feel?
  3. In what ways do I share a similar experience?
  • Apply
  1. What did I learn?
  2. What is God saying to me through this text?
  3. How can it be applied to my life?
  4. Meditate and Pray: What Would God Have You Do?


* The method described here works better for studying the Scriptures by the Book (e.g., Genesis or Matthew— than by topic ( e.g. Love or Resurrection). The primary difference is that studying a topic requires researching one or more Books of the Bible.

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